My Vision

My Vision for California

You can watch Delaine articulate her vision at the 2017 California Democratic Convention here.

My father was a union machinist. My mother was a dress clerk. We weren’t rich, but we didn’t have to be for my parents to own their own home, buy a car and send me to college.

If we want our democracy to last another 200+ years, our government must be seen as a force for good again. Budgets are statements of values, and I want California’s budget to reflect the values and priorities that built our great state.

We must...

Reinvest in Education from Preschool through Graduate School. We need universal preschool, reinvestment in K-12, and tuition-free college again, so students graduate with minimal debt.

Provide Universal Healthcare for ALL. Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege reserved for the wealthy. California is the sixth largest economy in the world. We need to ensure universal healthcare for everyone in our state regardless of what happens in Washington D.C.

Build an Economy that Works for Everyone. Whether you’re a machinist in Modesto, a teacher in Tulare, a laborer in Los Angeles or a techie in Silicon Valley, California needs to be a place where you can buy a home, send your kids to college, and live a comfortable retirement. This means we need long range plans to fix our aging infrastructure; build housing that people can afford, and provide jobs that pay a living wage. Californians also need paid leave and affordable, high quality childcare, like the rest of the industrialized world.

Protect the Basic Rights and Dignity of all Californians. We must use the full force of California state law to protect our most vulnerable populations under attack from those who are currently leading our country: the disabled, immigrants, LGBTQ, people of color and our California dreamers.

Fight Climate Change and Protect our Natural Resources. California is the most beautiful state in the Union, and we must preserve and protect our coastlines, forests, deserts, valleys and mountains. We must ensure clean air and drinking water for all, and continue to be a world leader in the battle against climate change. It is past time that California ban fracking.


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  • commented 2017-11-19 18:22:53 -0800 · Flag
    Where are you on repealing the “gas tax?”
  • commented 2017-06-29 14:09:56 -0700
    More detailed and substantive than any other candidate, this clearly shows a vision that has been well thought out.